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Foothold Awarded Job Creation Grant

October 20, 2021

BUTTE, Mont. – Six months after their first award from the Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund (BSTF), Foothold, Inc was awarded a Job Creation grant to hire ten additional employees. Foothold builds high performance and cost effective homes for communities around Montana. The grant, totaling $74,000, is awarded through Butte-Silver Bow County, and will help Foothold train, onboard, and educate their growing team over the next year. 

“We are so grateful for the continued support from the Montana Department of Commerce, BLDC/Headwaters, and the City and County of Butte-Silver Bow,” said Hannah Van Wetter, Foothold’s co-founder and CEO, “our business relies on the training and well-being of our employees, and this grant funding will allow us to continue to invest in our team.”  

Foothold hired their first employee in May of 2021 and has steadily grown its production crew to a full-time staff of seven. Earlier this year, Foothold was awarded a planning grant from BSTF to work with the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center. This award will help Foothold ramp up their team as their production line expands to meet growing demand for small, well built homes.

Last month, Foothold moved into a new 9,000 SF factory in the Montana Connections Park outside Butte, MT. "Building houses in a factory allows us to be more efficient and to take care of our employees," said Van Wetter, " and this grant will help us staff our factory with quality jobs.

The BSTF Job Creation program is a program of Montana’s Office of Tourism And Business Development that awards grants to economic development planning efforts that will promote long-term and stable job creation in Montana. “Foothold is committed to building houses in a different, and better way,” said Van Wetter, “and at the same time, we are creating a great place to work."

To learn more, visit www.buildfoothold.com, or email hello@buildfoothold.com