The Alder

576 SF – 1 bed, 1 bath

Bunkhouse, granny flat, accessory dwelling unit, call it whatever you like.

The Alder is Foothold's flagship ADU. It's designed to meet requirements of city lots, and it can live above a two car garage or flat on the ground.

Alder, without garage, starts at $145,000

Alder, with garage, starts at $195,000


At Foothold, we are committed to transparent and fair pricing. Our houses are sold for a stipulated price, which means you know exactly how much it costs. But, every project is different, and due to ongoing volatility in material prices, we recommend getting in touch with us to discuss more accurate pricing.

Alder without a garage starts at $145,000
Or with a garage, starting at $195,000

What does this price include?

Our starting price for an Alder assumes that your project is within 125 miles of our Factory in Butte, and that your building site can be reached with a standard crane. Foothold's starting price gets you a:

- Move-in ready living unit
- Energy Star Certified Appliance Package
- Transport and Setting in our delivery radius
- Electrical hookup
- Plumbing hookup

What is not included?

Every project is different, and certain site specific details can drastically change the price of a project. The following is a list of other services that will need to be covered, usually by the General Contractor.

- Site Survey
- Excavation, Grading, or Structural Fill
- Utilities pulled to the site
- Foundation pouring
- Landscaping

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